Villa Heights Mentor Center


The Bage family has donated the old trolly train station located at 1001 26th St., Norfolk, Virginia for use as a chess and mentoring center.

We need building materials, experts and volunteers to rehab this building.


Pop-Up Chess

It's time to take the next step in creating chess communities. Instead of anchoring our program to one or two locations NICE  and Norfolk State University (NSU) players will be taking chess on tour, upon request, and texting our Flash Mob list the time and location for these Pop-Up Chess sessions.

Pop-Up Chess: Anywhere. Any time. Business break rooms, schools, malls, festivals, football tailgate parties, parks, you name it! Email us and we will work with you to make it happen for 1-2 hours. We'll call in the players via our FlashMob text & email networks. We will supply boards & sets, but encourage people to bring them too. It helps if there are tables, but we can work it out.

FlashMobs for Chess: BYOB (Bring Your Own Board) or play on what we supply. Just show up! There will be music and dancing where locations permit.

Email: Lisa Suhay 

Please specify in the subject line of your email "Pop-up Chess request" or "Add me to the FlashMob." Or both! 

Be sure to include how you want to be notified of a chess FlashPlay Pop-Up moment: email or text and supply your email address or cell phone number.

Chess Set & Materials Rehab

Send us your old, incomplete chess sets, used materials, boards etc. and we will mate them with the pieces others have sent to create some unique and artful chess sets to give away to needy kids in the community.